SEO writing: HOW TO short manual Part V

By July 21, 2019SEO Articles

In the last part of this short manual, we’ll try and synthesize all off the other previous parts, into one (short or long enough) guidebook J


SEO = Search Engine Optimization writing. “It is writing that is focused on grabbing the attention of the search engines using specific, targeted words or phrases (called keywords or keyword phrases) and using them in specific ways.”

The purpose is for your page and content to be in the top ranked searches in a search engine.

Keywords, Tips, Tricks, Steps

Keywords research

Meaningful writing

Web content writing

Grammar check, edit and proofread

Use a checklist

Read out loud

Let your creativity flow

Competition analysis

Strategy and monitoring

Watch your analytics


On topic content

Optimize images, adds, graphics

Use PR tools

Link internally

Social media management

Regular fresh content

And we’ve chosen to just put these seemingly unrelated words here, so you can get a glimpse on how some keywords might look like. People search for a number of thing online, and you’ll have to be open to any formulations. You’ll have to be focused on what the reader wants to know and use SEO keywords in natural sounding ways.

Research especially topics you’re not familiar with, so you can learn first and only after give them forward, in a trustworthy manner. Don’t forget about the good time and deadline management!

How to become a SEO content writer

  1. Writing fundamentals. A degree or certification is not necessary, but give yourself time to learn all about it before starting to practice.
  2. Learn SEO basics – how to use keywords naturally, online platform and optimization of content.
  3. Practice every day – maybe even get a freelance writing job to do in the weekends. Work online as much as you can, apply for different writing jobs. And you’ll have the advantage of choosing your own projects.

Every piece of fresh content you’ll write and post will be just half the work complete. The final step is to link your content everywhere and act as your own PR agency. And don’t be afraid to re-edit something you’ve written already. The analytics will give you insights on what you need to improve or change. The great part is that, you can keep perfecting your content as you go along.

Don’t forget! Becoming a SEO writing specialist will take time. Writing is a skill that cannot be mastered overnight. Like every other skill, practice will make you better. And not everyone is made for this. Not everyone will have success with SEO writing. And that’s totally ok!

But you can try and see if you like it. See if you can be a creative person. And then, see what you can do with it, if you still want to. Do your best and see what happens. And that is the last and best advice we can give you, in this short 5-part manual on how to write for SEO

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